Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lacy little number

Here is a nice sight. The begining of a project........

Thought I would give a close up of the lace shawl from the other day, it is making it's way done, so hopefully FO or action shots soon!

I am looking at making similar shawls with different lace " filler". I am actually also going to try several fiber types too...... I picked up a Merino in laceweight from the LYS for the shawl in October. They also carry Fiddle Sticks silk/merino blend..... mmmmmmmmm.

The hemp that I am trying to get my hands on will be available soon, so I need to get cracking!

OH!! I also started something that a few others have mentioned on their blogs...... holiday gifts.

Yes, I started knitting and making holiday gifts. I ran out of time last year to knit all the lovely things I wanted for all the people I wanted! To knit scarves for my family, I have to have 15 done. That is immediate family. No, seriously. So I thought a bit of proactivity would be in order. I am usually a procrastonator, but lately I have learned a valuable life lesson about that....... it really isn't good for me. So I will be trying to deal with those things that I really don't want to tackle as fast as I can. I don't want to have myself backed into a wall again!
So that means cleaning, taking UFO's into that FO stage or frogging them, handmade presents, and stashbusting....... as well as taxes, paperwork and getting my own buisness up and running.
I will keep you posted.

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Aimes said...

Yes! I argee...must get started on Christmas presents.. so around Christmas time.. we won't be all stressed out.. or give presents to people in March!! hehe

ps. shawl looking quite BEAUTIFUL!