Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thereis life here!!!

So....................... I am fine!

I realize that if you have been popping by there have been no new posts for ages!!
Sorry about that!

Had a few "life events" happen, people engaged, a birthday, planning a stagett, moving my sibling, and sadly a death.
These have kept me exhausted and away from my computer.....
So I will be posting more knitting content in a day or so! I am knitting frantically on a shaw for a wedding next weekend! I was really hoping to have three done, but last weekend I couldn't move my arm!!! It was the worst ever! IT HURT TO KNIT!!!!!
I was ver unproductive while I tried to heal, and I ended up playing pokemon pearl on my DS because I could place it on a flat surface and use my left hand! LOL
Well, I am on the mend..... so I am knitting a bit, but I don't think three shawls will be possible.... but you never know! I do have some progress pics, so I can post those in a bit... it's nice and lacy like the last shawl I knit for a wedding. I like the way it is turning out! Simple cotton though, I didn't want it to be to "hairy" and leave fiber allover whatever it touches.... that isn't the greatest! I have two more weddings in the next two months, and at the very least I will be trying to get a shawl for the brides done. The extra ones will have to wait!

I did get some amazing, and fun news this week! My favorite knitting store moved.... right down the street!!!!! YAYY now I can spend amazing amounts of money on yarn and not have to drive really far..........oh, wait.... is that good? *le sigh*


So folks I hope that your summer thus fr has been fun and enjoyable, and that it continues to be so! Looking forward to reading your blogs!

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