Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What I worked on today!

Here is what I worked on today.... just a quick overview of the items I am trying to get finished up. All of these are UFO's....

Meaning I have had them going for a while. The Socks don't have a Ravelry project page, as I am always knitting socks..... and it seems pointless, but I was thinking of making  a "Socks 2013" project as a catchall.

So the small green object is a sweater I call Green Magic. I love the yarn, and I have a bit to say about the pattern, the Prospero Hoodie, but I will post about that later. The blue is a second Jeweled Cowl that I was persuaded the other night to not rip out as my preferences about bead weight may not be those of others that would love to own one. Of course, as I mentioned ..... socks. Both are the second of a pair. Honest.
More posts to come! Thanks for stopping by comments and questions are always welcome!

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Annie @ knitsofacto said...

What a gorgeous blue your cowl yarn is :D