Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long Weekend update!

Happy Victoria Day Long weekend gang! I plan on being productive, since our camping trip fell through. Since my last post was so heavy on the rambling... this one won't be.

So some updated things for you...

A new detail on the Stitch It charity blanket that I have had for WAY TOO LONG

My Neice Arabellas' blanket

made in Linonbrand Homespun... totally washable and care-free, my sister picked it out.

Riely Foremans' blanket

All cotton, all the time.

The Blanket for Sebastian that I have just begun.

Bernat Satin, again mommy colour preference. I think this one is going to look so fantastic, just wait!

Completed Endpaper mitts for my gal-pal.

Knitpicks Pallet wool, totally economical for this type of gift, the brown was leftover from another gift and I only used half the ball of blue!

oh and a pet pic.....or two,


Have a great long weekend if you have one, and if not, enjoy anyway!


Cas... said...

Sounds like a productive and busy weekend. I had a busy weekend too.

Your knitting is fabulous as always!

Toni said...

Wow--look at you go!!!!!

It all looks great!