Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Update time!

Hey, just wanted to let you know what is going on!
Aannnnnnnnd give you some pics! YAY!!!
So ladies and gents..... I finished the Buttony sweater! Yes aside from buttons, (which I will be adding in about 15 min) She is an FO!!!!
I love that I got something other than a washcloth done this weekend! I am hoping to capitalize on this momentum and continue finishing things off.... lol
Also I have been dyeing with wilton cake dyes again! So here is the eye candy from that!
First, fleece that still needs to be carded. Clockwise from the top... Black, Royal Blue, Brown is in the center, then Cornflower Blue and finally "no taste" Red. I think they look mighty juicy! LOL

And the wool that I dyed with it... and my wee friend too! So honestly that dark maroon colour on the far wool IS Black food colouring! It has greens in it too! The center wool is all three of the colours that I chose to use the wool on: Royal Blue, Black, and Cornflower Blue. I am betting that it would never be the same twice! How fun is that??!! I have to say that I really like the Royal blue (front, brilliant blue) It works out great!

So, thanks for looking.... comments are always welcome! I have already cast on for my next sweater. "Wicked" gonna go upstairs and chill with it now......... plan to have progress pics for the end of the week.

OH I almosy forgot to remind you of FIBERFEST!!!

It is on this weekend at the Tradex in Abbotsford! I am not in denial..... I am afraid that I am planning on adding to my stash! But I have a great idea........ and Fiberfest only come once a year! (So I am thinking that if I can find some red bamboo or bamboo-silk blend for knitting shawls for my bridal party.........what do you think? It's fall '08 so it gives me the time to make them!) Let me know!


Stephanie said...

Beautiful sweater --- can't wait to see it with the buttons

Knittyknitter said...

Oh boo. I can't see the sweater well. :) When you add the buttons, are you gonna try it on for us?
Yeah, I have an extra year than you, before me and my FH tie the knot. You would think I would start now on the knitted bridal party stuff, huh....

Jan said...

You have to do a photo shoot wearing your new sweater. I love all the colors of your fleece. It looks like a fleece garden. I have the pattern for wicked but never started it. Are you doing long or short sleeves? And are you putting the pocket on the front?

Arzu said...

Oooh, I love how the dye turned out on that wool! Beautiful colours!

And if you think you have time to knit shawls for your bridal party, I think you definitely should! I was a bridesmaid for a friend last year and she sewed all the dresses for the bridal party. It makes it so much more special when you can wear something beautiful made by one of your best friends, especially on such a wonderful occasion.

Shoogles said...

Looking good!

Nice to see your wee friend making an appearance as well. Does he have a name yet?

erika said...

I looove the pic of all those colors of fibers! Such saturated colors - makes me want to dye my own!!!

Rain said...

I'm here to comment on your sweater (it looks great), but I was so taken by your wee friend that I had to mention him, he's adorable.