Monday, December 01, 2008

That's what we're here for right?

To make the world better for those that we love and cherish... and to pass it on!

So there are a few charity things happening around me. The Boomer project at the LYS.... makes hats, sweaters and all sorts of warm things to be distributed by the Canadian soilders in Afghanistan to the children in the middle of this conflict we find ourselves in. None of the objects are for adults... just the kids, in memory of a fallen Canadian Medic.

My good friend
Star Gazer is gathering warm woolies, and all sorts of useful things like toliletries, and those comforts that can't be knit to give to a home for recovering adicts. She soes this with a friend of hers, who lost her brother a few years ago, much too young and honors his memory by aiding others.

Also a Blog-pal
Knitting Up A Storm is having a knitting bit of charity over at her blog. Please pop over and read her tale. She is gathering ornaments to send to a care facility.... anonomously (LOL I hate that word... it never looks right... I give up) I hope that we can all make time to do some good this season, even if it is simply a visit and a hug....

I am thinking of doing some volunteer present wrapping to help the Centre for Child Development fundraise. They are at my local mall and hey... I can give four hours.

Let me know what you are up to.

Do you do something every-year?

My sister and her sorority always adopt a family or two and act as "Santa" making a hamper of food, and presents for a lower income family, to help out. Last year they even had enough to give the kids nintendo DS's Talk about fun!
I think that charity knitting may not be on my list of can do...... so many things on my list as it is!! But I have a box of things that I have from last holiday and I am giving those to Star Gazer.
Have a great week guys.................. BTW the mitts are done and I am on to pair two... for the MIL.


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Thanks!!!! :)
We've actually got some more fabulous prizes now for our charity knitters. I dont know if you know Lotus Knits, but she offered to give the top winner a free skein of her yarn in any colorway. I'm soo excited! I have high hopes that we can do this in time!

I hope you charity help goes great too! Wrapping paper is a tough job.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Seriously, I mean...half the time gifts aren't even rectangular anymore. Most of my weird presents end up like a tootsie roll. ha ha.

Ilix said...

LOL..... so true, I hadn't considered that!