Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OMG.... it's almost here!

So....... knitting gifts......

I'm on it!! LOL I can share a few things..... I feel safe with these.

Mitts for some lovely ladies.MY MIL among them.

Finished slippers for my sister from her birthday..... belated.

And of course..... WIP"S!! LOL

One last shot...... out the front door. Hope you have a Merry and maybe White Christmas.


Toni said...

They're looking good so far! And you would not be the first knitter to wrap up half-finished knitting to place it under the tree. Maybe the second, but definitely not the first.......:)

Aesderina said...

LOVELY! I love the red and yellow.. GREAT COMBO!! and the new pattern you are doing for the teal one is great too!!

I know I can't believe it is almost here.. aahhh where did the time go?!??!

Merry Christmas darling!

Bea said...

No white Christmas here, but there are two knitted goods to give away. You've done lovely work for your family.

Susan said...

Hope it worked out for the holiday giving. It looks great so far!