Monday, June 30, 2008

Not a long weekend....

So I don't get a long weekend. Canada Day is tomorrow..... but today is monday and work must go on (for some of us)

I am supremely happy to report that I completed the shaw on time, but with out blocking..... she loved it! The size was perfect, the colour was perfect and she was trying to find one!!! Squeeee I am a happy knitter... I even got a hug (she is not a hugger)! I hpe to swipe a picture from her and show you later. I will pull up a completed pic for the next post.

Happily that means that I have again been able to work on my Watery Root. I have seperated off the sleeves and am knitting the body. I have decided to be very picky with the shaping, I do want to be able to wear this, it is so soft and lovely.... plus I adore the colour. I must be able to wear this!! LOL So an update with pics the next time.

James' afghan is not progressing, I still am without needles.... I will check at Knitopia on Thursday. The socks are evil and I am planning more shawls for other weddings this summer. Dam. I can't stop. Happy Canada Day. And for those of you south of the border.... Have a Great Fourth of July weekend.


Cas... said...

I am glad to hear you finished your project! Good for you!

I hope to see a picture of it soon!

I hope you have a great weekend too.

Susan said...

Congrats on finishing the shawl! I'm sure it will be worn in love!

Virtuous said...

Yeah wet wool STINKS! So I hope the silk is not that bad...we will find out! Haha! Hopefully I can finish it by the end of this summer! It is taking forever for it to grow!

Hope you show us some F.O. pics of your shawl!

Happy Belated Canada Day to you!!