Saturday, July 05, 2008

Update images.

So a quick update on the wonderous knitting that I have been up to LOL.

The Rusted Root is coming along well. I am in the body and I am still on ball two. I am going to have to buy more f this bamboo when my next oppurtunity arrises.( I think that wil be at the Pic-knit August 9 in Surrey) This brand is going along way. I think that the gauge, although correct for the pattern is not the most optimal for the yarn. It means that I will be wearing a cami under the top, but that is okay. I am glad to be getting this littl project father along. I still love this colour.

As promised completed shawl pic..... and a bit of news, I am trying to cast on the next one, and I have pulled the Icarus out again. I need to sit and knit it only, to focous on the charts, and this summer that t may not happen. I will take it up again, but this shawl thing is easier when I can take it to knit night and get some work done on it wherever I am.

It is strawberry season... so this week I picked, jammed and baked! Yummy.

I found out about this Strawberry Bread from Team Knit. Boy is it worth it! It will not last long here! LOL


Cas... said...

I like the color of your sweater. It's very pretty! It's coming along well too!

Your shawl is very pretty and you are making another one too! Goody!

Keep up the good work!

KimT said...

love the color on the the first project. And the shawl is gorgeous!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Your Rusted Root is coming along great! Keep up the good work! :)

Penny said...

That bread looks delicious! I followed the links to the recipe and saved for a later date. I'm starting a diet tomorrow :(

CanarySanctuary said...

The internets DO work! I too read about that strawberry bread and still haven't gotten off my arse to make a loaf. Your positive review has spurred me on to baking it!