Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Had to share a few things....

So I would love to share with you the blog that links to my title.

A blog friend... who has just started her own shop up called Yarn Sprout.


I think that I will add the button to my side bar later, but I said that I would help to spread the word so here it is! She is creating some lovely handyed yarns over ther so check her out!

I also wanted to spread around an idea that I have gleaned from other online sources and my knitting pals and I have chatted ourselves to a good state of excitement over. I can't claim total personal inspiration for this idea, but it cam about in a neandering way.... here is the story. LOL I will try not to babble.

Over on Foxy and Crafty (see my blog list) She and her gal knittas go on a yarn crawl for birthdays, and I think just for fun.... sounds great. So I have had that idea bubbing in my head, that we need to treck back out to Vancouver for a bit of yarn store adventure. This summer as you may have gleaned has a few wedding in it for me. Showers and Staggets are coming and going.... this leads to talk of previous showers/stagetts and the ideas that have been used. One that I went to a couple of years ago was lengthy and I could only make it to part of the day. We met up a a lingere shope that was booked just for us... the bride to be (to her horror) did a fashion show for us of the items and outfits that we picked for her. She claims that the only saving grace was the wine tasting before hand, so she was less self-concious. Any how, the idea was that we would all pony up fifteen bucks and then she could buy whatever she liked the best there. From the bedroom to the pool stuff....... so can you see where I am going with this?

I think we could have soem real fun yarncrawling for a birthday. Go to the store, pitch in ten, fifteen, twenty dollars.... whatever is affordable. The birthday knitter gets a to pick and choose, and we can all go out for desert after! So... for those on a budget who still want to celebrate, they may get away with a twenty dollar birthday "gift" and get to hang out with their knittas! LOL and the recipient gets some great new stash.... no guilt attached! This does apply for the non-knitters in your group too.... either they are helping to support a friends birthday, or you take them toa store they love and pamper them there!

Thanks Foxy for a great inspiration.... and I hope that we all get spoiled (or spoil our knitting buddies) on our birthdays! Have a nice day.... yes I am still knitting.... oh, what I forgot to mention in yesterday's quick update was that the Stitch it blanket is done and gone on to it's next knitter. I am not sure if it is there yet, but I hope so! I am on the third ball of the flower bud shawl too.... here's hoping I can addit to my WIP total! LOL


Desky said...

Yay for birthday Yarn crawls. ^_^

I am soooooo looking forward to seeing the shawl done and blocked. It's already looking so pretty.

Uli said...

Great idea......... yarn crawls are so much fun!!!! Would be the perfect way to spend a birthday.

PS: It was great meeting you, too.

Penny said...

That's such a great idea! I wish I had more local knitting friends who would be up for something like that!

erika said...

I LOVE this idea. Pure genius. I am going to remember this when I turn 30 next year and people ask me what I want...