Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Working away.....

Wow, this stuff is all a bit hard to get used to......
I am trying to join a web ring and I am having problems with the graphic
So I'm trying to get it to a place where I can access it and then use it.
I have asked for help, but I am not really getting any, other than generic info from this site.
Not that I don't appreciate it, but sometimes I wonder if I am missing one specific step that would make it all easier.

I am working on my resolutions! I have a purple sweater in Eco-fil yarn that I started a while back. I finnished the back and I am casting on the front. YAY! I stopped due to Christmad knitting and monotomy! I love the stitch and the patten, but ah le sigh................... 50 cm and I too get a bit bored! LOL So I will try to get photos of it up today. I really do like it. The yarn got snatched up on a trip to WM sometime back. It is a recycled yarn. How cool is that! I love that! washable, 75% cotton and 25% acrylic. It came in a load of colours, but I look best in Jewel tones so I picked the dark purple and went to work. It is a simple pattern and it seems to be working out.......... I am thrilled that I can knit in a recycled fiber that didn't break me to purchase. They seem to have more colours now, and I have to tell you that if this works out well, I may have to pick up some more in the summer and knit one without sleves! LOL

That is not all I am trying to get done, I have a baby blanket and a full sized afghan that I am knitting for a friend. I have a few other projects that are on needles, but I can't get to them all!! aaaaaaaa! I really need more hours in the day to knit! I have a bag that I am working on for a KAL and I can't get pic's up for it on the site so I will put one or two here. As well as a picture of other purses that I have knit before. Just to show my KAL pals, first a detail of the wool, then a pic of the progress last week. As you can see the detail is a lot longer than the last weeks' picture! Thankfully! LOL And finally some purses that I have made in the past with a size reference! LOL

My friend J and I are thinking of heading out to Abbotsford today to check out the yarn shop there.................I will be good, I swear! I have a resolution.....................but there are these cute clogs that I saw on Yarn Harlot's site, and the pattern can only be bought at a store........ I think that I can buy a "pattern" and that won't be a break of resolution........ I have the yarn at home. So it can help me bust my stash! (How's that for some fancy justification!) LOL

Pictures to follow soon, I promise!

Happy knitting!

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Knittyknitter said...

hey, did you ever finish this bag from the design your own bag along?