Monday, January 08, 2007

Begin the year!

Well, here we go again! Another new year.......

So many projects and exciting things to do. I am participating in my first swap online at craftster I am so excited! I have never done this befor and already I have been picked and picked someone myself! I will be trying to send out my packages this week if I can.

I have to get some resolutions in place though. I have a crazy crafting habit........

1. Stash Busting. I have yarn that I have bought for specific projects and I should get those projects done. So I will only be buying more yarn if I need it to complete a project that I have started, and I will be only starting things from my current stash. I am going to work hard to keep this resolution as long as I can!

2. Creating things for myself as well as others. I try to make sure that I get my fair share of things from my needles, but I really don't. So I will create things that I can wear proudly!

3. More involvement in swaps and KAL's (knit a-longs) to keep me involved in my online community as well as my home community.

4. To invite more participation in our Knit Nights. Post notices and invite new people to join in with learn for free and maybe become part of our group of friends. (Anyone wanting to knit or crochet in the Langley BC area come to Ethical Addictions coffee shop on Tesday nights after 7:30........... you will see us)

5. To learn to spin, shoot and use a bow. ;)

6. To organize my crafts so I can access them when I want but, so that they don't over-run my living space!

7. To keep this blog and all my online contact recent.

8. To always ask myself "Why Not?"

I guess I will keep you posted!
We shall see.............


RedThread said...

those are some good resolutions! I need to start participating in more swaps and knit-alongs too, especially now that I can actually afford to..we.. in money, not time :P
I'll email you about how to make those buttons! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

RedThread said...

Hmm, can't find your email link, and I couldn't find you on Craftster, and it's kinda long, so why don't you email me and i'll reply: redqueen715 at yahoo

m. said...

Enjoy your craftster swap - I was addicted to them before the Christmas gift knitting began. And thanks for de-lurking. :)