Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I thought I would be sharing a completed project with you by now, but I am not.

Sadly I have to frog the new "We call them Pirates" hat that I was making....... it is too small for the recipient for sure! It is looking spectacular, and I knit it mostly in one day (Sunday) in between breakfast, shooting and all the other things I did that day. It knit up super fast!! So Monday I was getting reay to do the decreases for the top, and I thought I would try it on to see if it would be big enough...... it fit me snug.

That is not the plan!

My DF is bigger than I am, his head included. So having a hat that fits me, means it will not fit him! LOL..... so I had to order more yarn! Unfortunatally when I bought the yarn it was only one ball of each other and the modification that I have planned to make this hat work for him is to add a full fifth panel of skull pattern. That is alot more yarn. So, hence with the ordering!

Oh well, at least it has a purpose and I can frog back and re-knit until the extra arrives, hopefully the dye lot won't be totally off, but I did order the original Telemark last spring! LOL

So I do have some other intresting news, I have started an enterlac shawl as planned. I was planning on basing it off the Lady Elanor stole that has been so popular, but the book is taking so flippin long to come in to my library branch, I decided on another plan of action!

I have the Spring 2007 Interveave Knits with the enterlac socks in it...... it also happens to have a fantastic instruction on basic enterlac. So I am using that to make a new pattern! YAY!! no waiting! so as you can see it is in the colourway that I have already showed you, and it is knitting up quickly as well! Thank goodness, I hope to get this done ahead of schedule! (March 26) So far, so good.

I also cast on for a blanket for a friend. I have called it Embers and Ashes, as it is double stranded red and grey. This yarn has been taunting me for a while now, and it is time to get this project doen and to it's new owner! I have no pictures of this, all it is at the moment is 9 rows of moss stitch as a base border! I promise picstures once I have gotten a bit farther into the pattern, at least one repeat so I can make sure I like it! LOL

On the UFO front I am sitting down in the next little while to get this heel done! This weekend at least! It really bothers me that I have let this lovely pair of socks sit this long, I do not want this to be another UFO that I have to frog and re-start! I am going to figure out this heel and get these babies done so I can move on to other socks! The Icarus shawl may be suffering the same fate! I liked the pattern, but I put it down ages ago.... so now I have to get re-aquainted with the pattern. I didn't find it difficult at the time, but sometimes when you put something down.... you can have gauge issues when you pick it back up. That is my main concern. I wonder if I will have to re-start that one too......
Oh well, I will keep you posted as ususal ,LOL. Hope you all have a productive and great week!

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Thanks for your comments on my Hustle Bustle Skirt Tutorial.

I love your headless clay ladies in your garden. Would love to see more...