Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Burnt Socks are done.

So here is the shot of them all done!
And here is a shot of the biggest dam cone of SWS by PAtons that I have ever seen, let alone aquired!! I got it last month from a gal on Ravelry!! Wow, wine glass for scale gals!

Seriously, I want to live next to this knit shop! Dang! I snatched it up for a great price, so PM me if you want to know who I got it from on so you can see what else she has. I can't wait to make a Lady E inspired shawl for my mom out of it. First I have to learn how to enterlac, so I will be trying out a Quant from Knitty. Wish me luck!


Steph-bunny said...

You go Girlfriend! And when you figure out how to Interlac you'll have to teach Julia and I! XD I wanna make a pair of those interlac knee-high socks -- probably the same ones as Jules! XD

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

wowie!!! I do hope you love that colorway! You are going to be knitting at least 3 pairs out of it! lol. :) Good luck with the project spectrum!

Sweet burnt socks.

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

I think my gryffi socks almost makes the red, oragne & pink deal

Rae said...

I like your socks I have to agree that is the biggest cone I have ever seen of yarn its full of some beautiful colors I would love to know where you found it if you can thank you

Aimes said...

woot woot!!!! beautiful skien.. oh so beautiful... and if you REALLY need it.. (last resort) you can kill someone with it!! lol

Arzu said...

Wow, that cone is amazing. Only for the hard-core knitter, lol.

I tried learned Entrelac by knitting Quant over the holidays, and found it was a great pattern to get the hang of it, and give some instant knitting gratification. It definitely looks way harder than it actually is. I can't wait to see how that colourway knits up in the entrelac!