Sunday, February 03, 2008

Project Spectrum Begins!

Yes indeed kids!

That is what will inspire us for the next two months! The flame ignights our creativity
So I do have at least one red project on the go..... you all have seen the star scarf. It is double knitting yes..... love it!

I do have all the colours of the rainbow in my stash at the moment, so finding red, orange, yellow, gold or pink is not a problem. As a matter of fact the Icarus shawl is pink! Wow, two projects that I want to get done that fit into the Project Spectrum colours!

I do also have some more pumpkins to create for a friend! Man I hope I can get everything done in time! LOL That was really not what I was planning on having as my statement for fire! I was thinking of taking on a flame pattern shawl, or starting a pair of socks in the pumpkin gloss I have or the garnet from Knitpicks. Oh prehaps actually getting to use the bamboo that I picked up at Fiberfest two years ago.....

it may still happen the colours are perfect! LOL Well, I guess this colour compliment in my current stuff will really help me get some of these outstanding UFO's done (which was what I have been trying to do as my resolution!) LOL ah, PTB thanks for the aid! LOL

Honestly with the wide parameters for this baby, I don't know how I could ever run out of fire!

From shirts, to fibers that I have to knit with....... I have tons to do! Or tons I could do! LOL
Happy planning, and don't forget to check out the group on Ravelry! everyone seems to have such great ideas! See you there!


Aimes said...

wow i'm so excited to see that scarf!!! Thanks for posting about this project!! it's so GREAT:)!... i finally got my raverly!!! apparently i got it in Oct... but I never saw it... lol damn.. all that time..

Steph-bunny said...

I've joined in at the Project Spectrum! I already have a great idea for what I'd like to do, too! XD

I can't wait to see that scarf! <33

Rebel said...

mmmmm fire! I so wish I had a fireplace, that yarn is a pretty nice warm subsitute.