Saturday, January 26, 2008

YAY.... FO post!

So today is a FO post! I have tonnes..... well, maybe not tonnes but a bit!
It makes me happy!

James' skull scarf is complete and with it's new owner. YAY!

My Fresh socks are done tooooooo............I am wearing them now :) They are comfy! I hope I have enough yarn to knit a second pair! I reaaaaaly like them. They were my own dye job, on Knitpicks wool.... so I guess I really like the Knitpicks wool!
Also, a baby hat for a friend of my sisters. Super cute!
I have an update on my Burnt socks too. This is sock one.

With a close up of the details.

I am trying to get all the WIP's that I can find done and gone. I think that this week the Icarus shawl will be back on my plate. I want to not have to wonder what I will fine in the next box or basket.... etc. LOL Stash reduction one project at a time. Here is a prome example of something that I am working on clearing! Yes, the Star Scarf parade on Up Late Designs! LOL

Once all the current UFO's are out of the way then I can get to completing some of the other things on my queue! That will be real stash progress, I was hoping to start a few new projects to go with the Project Spectrum theme for this year. Luckily the Icarus shawl actually fits a colour planned for Feburary. (I have a new button for PS, check it out!) Have a great weekend!


Knittypants said...

Wow, you have been busy :-) love the first scarf, very cool.

Angela said...

I love the baby hat! Where did you get the pattern?

Kirsty said...

Oh (wo)maan! Too much good stuff! I'm going to record my awe at the skull scarf and star scarf right here, right now

Jessi said...

I really like the colors you use. The project with the star is double-knit, right? I think I tried that once but got really fed up with it. Yours looks great! I'm trying to get into Project Spectrum too...need to find something fiery for Feb/March. Knit on! :)

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Cool skull scarf, baby hat & socks. Looks like you are keeping yourself quite busy! :)

Ilix said...

Thanks gang you know how to make a girl feel good! ;)