Friday, May 28, 2010

I have some Fo's

Really I have a finished object or two kicking around. It is not just a rumor that I have been perpetuating.

The Blue Sedum I have mentioned is complete... and a button shopping expidition may be called for. I agree Aesderina. So no more new pics of that.... I will wait for buttons.

I did also complete some fantastic Mittens! My Canadian Pride Mittens by Vicky Taylor-Hood. I can't link to a site other than Ravelry, my apoligies if you are not on it. The pattern is available  free through Ravelry if you want to make them yours. She calls them  O Canada Mittens I love them... the pattern is easy, and it added a new skill to my repitoir. The braided edging. A technique that I have already put to use on a new mitten project. This I think will kick off my year of mittens... not that I will be knitting 52 pairs or anything, but I have many patterns that I want to make and they are small and portable.... just like socks, but intresting in a different way. Anyway more mittens are coming but first let me show these off.

Yes there is a dog foot in the shot... he really wanted to know what was up.
Back to the mittens, as I have small hands I used the modification provided, and went to town. They are lovely, and just in time for spring!
I used Patons Classic Wool....  about half a ball of each colour. So, affordable, quick and warm... go knit a pair! LOL

So currently on the needles I am in sleeve purgatory. The Ox Blood pattern knits the yoke to the sleeves and then you knit the sleeves before continuing with the body. Very cool, so I went with it. So, one project working on sleeves.

The second is the Iron ore sweater.... waiting to be steeked at the arms so I can begin sleeves. Since I am trying a new steek reinforcement I am not sure if it is the not wanting to cut or not wanting to knit sleeves.....

Last but not least I began the Essential Cardigan from the latest Interweave Knits. The Tangled Yoke wasn't working fot me and The stars aligned.... so I cast on and decided that I really should get the sleeves out tof the way if they are something that I really don't like knitting...... riiiight.

I do have the pair of mittens that I mentioned, but I began them once and they were huge, so I ripped them out and have started again, so Ihave no reall progress to show you. Two pairs of socks, one of the circular needles I do majic loop with snapped off in a filing cabinet accident and I am sharing the needle for both pairs. The Coastal Swallowtail is also still on the needles, but i just took a refresher on the beads and I think that after this post is done I will sit with it on my bed and make some progress. I think that's it for my current projects. I guess I just really want to be knitting new things..... spring startitis. I can say proudly that all objects are using yarn from my stash! I love my stash..... and I have so many thoughts on what to knit next. More on that in another post. Enjoy your weekend. Knit on, create more, make art!


Toni said...

Oh, I love the mittens!!!!!!

Cas... said...

Very nice mittens! Super cool!

Epenthetical said...

The mittens are beautiful! They look so awesome.

Aesderina said...

love the mittens!

Ilix said...

Thanks very much!

伯臻 said...
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VickyTH said...

Glad you like the mitten pattern! I just found your blog (belatedly). You did a great job and they look great! I'm delighted that you had as much fun making them as I did in the design. Keep up the great work!