Sunday, December 05, 2010

Planning for a Bounty.

Last year my parents' apple trees were overflowing with apples. My Dad made pies, but eventually ran out of things to do with them. This year in preperation for another large  harvest I began looking over my preserving books ernestly in the summer to decide what we would most likely eat and what I could do with a bounty of apples.

This year there was no apples. That sounds dramatic, there were a few apples but not nearly as many as last year. After the 2010 Winter Olympics we had a cold snap! LOL and alot of plants and trees that were budding early due to the lovely weather in Feburary, lost buds to the cold. Simple as that. 

What is a girl with apple plans to do?

Buy a box of apples from a school fundraiser of course! LOL

Here they are sitting in our cold room. 

And here is what I got up to today.

Apple pear crumble

and apple chips.

Yummy. It`s sad but I am unsure what apples I purchased. I am about 90% sure it was Gala apples. But honestly it could have been another type. They have been the same colour the whole time.
So I still have more apples, I will be making more ships, and I think I will have to make more crumbles, as I already have 3 places that I am taking a desert, and I only made 5 of the little guys! That will be great and I have not decided about apple butter or a apple pie filling. I was certian that I wanted to do canning, but I really don't know anymore. I hesitate as I have not tested a recipe for either I hate to waste my apples.

More on other parts of my weekend later. Hope you had a good one!

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