Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Traditions

Last week saw me begin a new project. The first of two for sure……………Fireside Stocking (by Kate Gilbert) for my niece and nephew. Kettle dyed purple yarn, done with Wilton food dye, and white Patons Classic Merino Wool.

Any Knit Wits listeners can be assured that so far this stocking experience is not a pain in the behind (this is not a DREAD stocking), but it did start out a bit rough. I began this little number about six times. I had real problems with the toe chart. As soon as I was four or five rows in, the stitches began lining up oddly and the white/ purple dispersion was all wrong. Thanks to some helpful Ravelry folks I got around the problem. In the toe chart the increased stitches are marked on their respective rows. For the toe, an “M1” box in the pattern grid means the made stitch only, not a knit stitch plus a made stitch. Thank you aufildesjours for this notation.

That note on Ravelry saved this project. I seriously love the notes that people leave. Thanks for all the help you give when you make detailed notes!
I have liked this pattern since I picked up the Interweave Holiday Knits 2007, I am pretty sure it was the “tipping point pattern” that sealed the deal on my purchase of this magazine. I try not to buy magazines or books if I won’t make more than one pattern from them. I want value for my money! So naturally when my sister asked if I would be interested in knitting the Christmas Stockings for her kids I thought of this pattern. It means a lot to me that she asked me to make them. My sister has always been knitworthy. She always asks about care of gifts, and to my knowledge she uses what I give her and my niece all the time. My BIL I am unsure of, but he got a hat I was pretty proud of last year. So when a knitworthy family member asks for a knit item, I do my best to get it done for them. Stockings are a big deal. They have always held a special place in my heart and I think my siblings hearts too.

When we were kids, it was the only thing we were allowed to open at whatever crazy time we got up. Santa is an amazing stocking filler. Even now, if we are good we get a stocking filled. So to be part of Christmas memories from the beginning, to create something that will be part of the magic for years to come…… awesome.
I hope she likes it.

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Lavender said...

I know! Ravelry notes saved me many times too. The stocking looks great so far...posting pics when it's done?