Saturday, January 09, 2010

My geek cred.... and the first offical 2010 FO

Seriously... I knit a great project for my Brother in law

Just finished it today. It's the only Christmas project that I didn't finish on time. At least it's done.
here ya go.....

Thanks to my hubby who provided the head- model!

The first official FO of the new year was a second Multnoma shawl in the fantastic hand-dyed Berroco that I showed off in the fall HERE .

Here is the FO I really like it... but I am unsure if it would make a better gift...... I have someone it could be great for. However I have so much other great yarn that could work.

There it is.  The flash does have something to do with the colour... It isn't quite so "brassy" lol.

Maybe this is a better image...

Well.... I guess so.... I do like it. I did a larger middle section as reccomended by Hello Knitty. I think that I like having a longer lace section. I was also compelled to do some frogging. I had a Minimalist Cardigan on the needles, but I started it in a wool and it wasn't draping well, so I ripped it out and began a plain cardigan base. K2 P2 with a centre steek. I will just knit it in the round, steek the centre and arms, then give it a k2 p2 button band.
Nothing fantastic, just simple and useful. Nothing really spectacular, so no image at the moment it's just red wool. I was also going to knit up a acrylic sweater too, but I have never steeked Acrylic. I think that it can be done, but first the wool one, then the purple with some patterning. It is just sitting in my stash anyway. i may as well. I think that is the way I feel about several stash yarns that I have. I like it, I am not waiting to use it... why not use it.

I have re-thought the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I will knit it... I just need to get a longer needle, I have the size I swatched on, but I tried to cast on the required stitches..... and it was very inadequate. LOL Oh well. I really want to make that cardigan too, so why not.
Maybe that is what I will keep as my goal the year of "Why Not?" LOL

I hope all is well in your knitting, I haven't quite decided what goals I would like to have for the year. Some people have decided to knit 52 projects in 52 weeks, there is also a goal of 100 projects a year from blogger-pal Toni ,go Toni! That would be fantastic. I really haven't given myself adequate time to think it through, or write a bit of a list. I like lists... 

So, I have been considering a goal of 50 books this year. I also want to consider lots of other things.... listen to me, vauge and off beat. I can't wait to browse the blogs and see who has what. I will add my own when I can.

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Virtuous said...

You put in some great knit work on the hat!! Hope he liked it! :)

And I always use shawls as "scarves" :)

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