Sunday, March 08, 2009


Who would have thought that being a furry mommy would be so time consuming! HA! Little did I know!

Keeping up with a puppy and trying to keep the cat happy..... a handful.

Needless to say that I am not knitting too much, or al least as much as I want to. I have knit several things for babies... three Baby Suprise Jackets done, and two on the needles. They are fantastic as I may have mentioned, and genius.... so addictive to get it finished so fast!

Here are the first three. They need buttons, and that is all... I haven't had the time to go button shopping... oh well. I will get to it.

Here is our new fur baby, Sam

And our two together...

I know you were waiting for puppy pictures!

I did cast on for my Central Park Hoodie, but it is a KAL with the gals I knit with so I am not trying to get too far into it.

I have decided to measure up the Hunters vest for the Husband, and if the length is good, then I will cast off and steek in a collar later. I can pick up along the edge and knit it on , after cutting off. We shall see how that goes! LOL

Hope you are all well, and I hope that I can update sooner next week.


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

I'm gonna sneak into your house late at night and steal the little furry bugger. ;) Just kiddin.
Or am I? ;)
Ha ha ha.

Bea said...

He's so teeny. What cuties they both are!

Arzu said...

Awww, the cuddle picture is the bestest! I wouldn't be knitting much if I had those two fuzzies around either!

Cas... said...

Cute puppy! He's too cute! I love the cuddle picture too. I hope they get along well.

The knitted baby jacket is too cute also. My knitting group buddy just made one of those jackets. It's supposedly an easy pattern.

Find some time for yourself to knit. Make sure the fur babbies give you some time to yourself.

Stephanie said...

Awww, Sam is super cute! XD I still think you've knitted LOTS compared to me! And I only have three adult cats that can entertain themselves! XD