Saturday, March 17, 2007

Man, some days...

Happy St. Patricks day!
I am not Irish, but hey who doesn't like green beer? LOL
So I have a few things to post this weekend, but my grandmother is flying in from Toronto and we are cleaning alot today, I had hoped to finish off the sleeves for my Mariah, but I have no idea if that will happen!
So I am updating to let you (those who pop in from time to time) know that I am working on stuff, and I do miss giving you pictures, but I will fix that soon!!
LOL, I hope!

Thanks for the note on the t-shirt quilt idea! I did find this site that I think may be helpfun in the future, as well as taking a kind "commenter" on her offer for advice! LOL Love the internet!
I think that I don't have as many shirts as I thought! I may have to scour the thrift shops, too bad the mian one here is VV and the pricing seems to have changed recently! (a bit high... like, 7.99 for a tie! no kidding) So I am glad to say that there are two other locally owned and run shops that I feel deserve my business, the Bibles for Missions, and Penny Pinchers...... both are for local charities, I know that ther are a few downtown that are for the SPCA, but I don't know where... suggestions? Thrift stores in the Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, Aldergrove areas that are still thrift stores?!?!?! I appreciate the help! I will also take shirts that you think I will like that you don't know what to do with....

On a different note I joined the Relay for life! YAY the Beach Babes ride again!!!! Now I have a link page and everything!! So I have ideas for that too, I have to send out an e-mail to the tewm, I want to make shirts for us this year! We didn't have any last year, and I wan tto do it!! I hav egreat plans! If any of my teammates are listening........ pick up a shirt that I can paint for you, purple or blue.........and machine washable! YAY!! I will post some pics when I can...

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Aimes said...

VV is no longer the same anymore.. I walk in there and I feel sad.. I use to love that store..
another thrift shop in Langly is "salvation army" on the bypass by Javahut, House of Tools, Redwings shoes, the old Spin City!!
I hope that helps:)

Oh have fun hanging out with your grandmother! that's dope that she's visiting!! I wish my family would come visit me.... lol