Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yay more knitting!

Nope, sorry I hav eno FO's today, but you know I may have one or two by the end of this week coming! I plan to work on my Mariah for at least an hour every night after work! I really want to finish these sleeves, cuz the body will be a piece of cake I think! LOL I could be totally wrong however.....
I did start another double knit scarf! Wait until you guys see it! I think that it is coming along rather nicely!
I am knitting a hat (or possibly hats) for my sister, in the colours of her buisness! :) so fun.

I also started carding this weekend! I did a bit last night and I am honestly not sure that I am doing it right, but hey, I gotta try! LOL

Hey gang, thanks for visiting and leaving your comments! I love that part about this blogging stuff! Neat people that you "meet" from all over!! I promise that I will reciprocate when I can!

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Knittyknitter said...

Oh no! Top-down is still at 0%.. ;-)
hee hee.