Friday, March 02, 2007

Fiber Friday.....alas!

Well, not alas for me, alas for you guys!
My Knitpicks order came in!!!! YAAAAY!

And I took pictures to flash! But the camera, and cords are up at the the fiance's oops, guess I'll update that part later! I am really excited, this bring so much promise! I have several new projects looking at me from this box! lol

AND.......... I have update pics of the projects that I am working on...... the double knit scarf (which I highly reccomend you all make if you have a chance! It is fun!) hats for the charity auction tonight, just about everything!

So I will either post those tonight, or later this weekend, the fiance and I ane going to a sportsman show tomorrow in Abbotsford! We went last year and it was totally facinating! I am hoping we have some guests to join us, but who knows! Maybe I can post some pics of that for your enjoyment!
Other news I am organizing a swap! Well no one else could, and I really loved doing the Wishlist swap, so this month on Craftster I organized it! yay me! LOL I'm sure it will all go smoothly

Have a great GREAT weekend, and enjoy whatever you have to do!

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erika said...

Can't wait to see the picks!!! Good luck with organizing the Craftster swap - I am sure everything will go great!