Sunday, March 11, 2007

Always thinking!

So I have been thinking about a few thing that I may want to take on in the future.
I was surfing the other day and saw a t-shirt quilt. I have no idea where.....sorry to the lovely lady! I was inspired! I thought about all the t-shirts that I had kept, because I loved them, but sadly couldn't wear because of their size or condition!
She took all the concert t-shirts she had collected before her college years and put them together in a quilt! It was great! I thought that was such a good idea, and I wondered if I had enough shirts.... I don't think I do. I wondered if I could collect them at thrift stores, or get them from friends? A gathered t-shirt quilt......... from a community. What an exciting thought. So I guess, if you have a shirt that you can part with, one that is neat but you never wear and wouldn't do anything with....... want to send it to me? LOL
Just a thought..... or, even better..............collect your own from the community and make a quilt!
That would be great, all those pics up on knitblogs everywhere! LOL

So I also have to get up a logo for the Relay For Life that we are doing! YAY year two.... "The Beach Babes" it really helps that we live by the sea! LOL I can't wait, we had so much fun last year.... it goes on all night and you walk, talk and play games! It was great! I think that this year may be even better! So with that, I leave you for a bit! Good night!


Jan said...

I've seen those t-shirt quilts at quilt shows. There is a whole set of instructions on how to make them, I think at Joann's. You have to be careful because the t-shirts stretch and the quilt fabric around it and in the backing, doesn't. Someone was explaining it to me once. But they look very cool when done. Some have themes and some I've seen are just whatever they found at a thrift store. Sounds like it would be fun to put together!

Aimes said...

a t-shirt quilt?!? that's awesome!! must put this on my things to make list....

oh.. first i need to make a things to make list.. lol

Sheila said...

I have made 4 t-shirt quilts. It was a tradition in our family for my mother and I to make a t-shirt quilt for the daughter going off to college. We used all their high school t-shirts and made a single bed size quilt. Then they could feel cozy and loved with their t-shirt quilt. DD#1 made 2 more quilts after college with the Syracuse U. t-shirts. DD#2 loved her quilt. And DD#3 was a rebel and didn't want a quilt. She's an artist--- a film major in Art school with no real interest in quilts. Oh, well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. If you have any questions about making one, I have alot of tips! My mother and I got it down to a science!

erika said...

I love t-shirt quilts. And I'd totally be up for some swapping with you! If you like, I could even scout out some thrift t-shirts in European languages to contrbute! :-)