Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Friend!

So, I had a suprise waiting in my mailbox yesterday!
I just have to show you!

Lovingly delivered from Scotland all the way here to Canada by Shooting Star! Gotta love swaps! I had a little pal. It sure was a big hit last night at Knit Night! LOL

I also promised an update of my sweater........ this is the Buttony sweater from ohmystars. Gotta get the arms on and the buttons too, but other than that not bad huh? This would me my "March" sweater..... yes I am still working on Feburary. I still love it too! I have been swatching for "April" and "May" LOL. Who dosen't love sweaters!

So anyway that is my update for today! Thanks for stopping by!


Jan said...

Cute pal and lovely flowers! Can't wait to see your sweater done. I love seeing other people finish their projects because lately I am having a hard time making myself finish anything!

erika said...

I looove your little pal!!! Which swap did you do - was this one on craftster?

Shoogles said...


I'm so glad that the alien that I crocheted up for you made it to you safe and sound.

And the fact that you like him/her is even better :D

And I'm glad to see others like it too :D it really has made my day

Toque (Lesley) said...

oooooh he is SO cute! Is this Shooting Star from Craftster? She's fab! :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm going to add you blog to my little friends blog roll so I can keep up with what's new! :)

I -really- have to learn to knit properly some day...

Stephanie said...

Great picture of your Alien from Scotland --- too cute!