Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I think I got lost on my way to the blog.....

No seriously, how else could it have been this long since I posted! Yikes!!


I do have some FO's to report... but no pictures yet.

Did I mention that my mother's enterlac shawl is done, I will snag pics tomorrow when I give it to her. YAY!!

The pair of bamboo socks in the verigated yarn for my pal Carina were completed and given. We drove up to 150 Mile on the Easter long weekend for some relaxation (I got a pedicure!)
So I got to give my socks in person. I did try to finish the green hat for the man, but forgot the directions to it, so I could finish the body pattern by checking the previous rounds, but I have only knit this one other time..... so I was unsure about the decreasing. That should be done this week too.

Of course I cast on a new pair the next day with some fantastic "On Your Toes" with aloe vera. This is a colourway that totally looks like a watermelon, I promise pics soon, I am almost done, I think I will be turning the heel tonight. It fits with the PS3 colours, but my next socks will be so fiery, I am hoping to have them on the needles and done for this theme. Then on to the lovely Alpalca goodness..............I think, or maybe the rainbow, I am unsure.

LOL gotta love these choices.

My next steps with alot of yarns are swatching and the washing of said swatches...... I wasn to know that I can count on the gauge. I have heard of sagging with bamboo....... it worries me.

I think that is all that I can report on at the moment. My next post will be in a couple days anyway so I can show off a bit! Have a great end of the week!


Violet said...

Thanks for your comment. The hat pattern is called Banana Republic Knockoff hat, and you can find the free pattern on and Ravelry.

Can't wait to see your fo's! Sounds like you've been doing a lot of knitting!

Violet said...

LOL! I'm such a dork. I just reread your comment and I see now you didn't ask what the pattern *was* but if it was *easy*! Which it was. Very. Just seed stitch and a little binding off for the cute button tab, and then just a typical stockinette hat. It only took about an evening.

Happy knitting!

Kathy said...

Glad you are posting!

DId you get my snail mail address the other day in your email?

Kirsty said...

Looking forward to the FO pics! And to see your take on Sublime Stitching embroidery- I love how different people take it in completely different directions. Yay!