Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sorry, no wicked update!

I wish I could say that I blocked it and have some results for you, but I didn't!!

Dang it!

I am planning on doing that tonight or tomorrow..... probably tomorrow!

In the meantime I have been sewing some totes for a swap, and organizing swap angels for other issues! Yikes.

I have been making mitered squares when I only have a small amount of time, I will get a picture of those together for you to comment on.... and a pic of the ton of Baby yarn I have leftover from the multitude of blankets I have knit! LOL

I do still have some projects on the go, but I have so much that keeps getting in the way of knitting.... I do have a picture for you....
Have a great and productive weekend (whatever you want to do, do it!)

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