Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Intresting things afoot and a confession.

This Challenge thing I talked about... may not work out this month.
Seriously..... December? What was I thinking? If I had been gift knitting since July.... sure. Now? Nope.
Silly me.
That is my confession. Not suprising I know.

Anyhow.... knitting.

I won a contest. Knitpicks has a podcast... and they have a question at the end of the new episodes. I won.... two skeins of Stroll handpainted. The blue is Lullaby and the purple/green is Make Believe. I asked for these colours because I love them... really not a suprise.. I have alot of those colours.

I have been knitting alot of gifts... pictures of those later in the month of course.

Also I went to the fantastic Dressew!! Yarn on for 1.99.... seriously.... Regia sock yarn.


And tons of other goodies.

You should totally go. It was amazing.
Hope you are all well, just wanted to pop in a update. Prehaps I will have a challenge that is sane for myself in the new year.

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Violiknit said...

Congrats on winning the podcast contest! What great prizes you got :)
(btw, to answer your question, Don Giovanni)