Friday, December 11, 2009

Wave your Geek FLag!

I have always considered myself a geek. Nothing wrong with it.

I don't speak Klingon, never been to a Con... or dressed as my favorite anime character.
I have seen every incarnation of Star Trek, love Star Wars (the ones made in the 70's) and can totally tell you what is wrong with the storyline in the x-men movies. Actually.......... don't get me started on that one.

Podcasts have become part of the little geekhood that I carry around everyday with me. I mostly listen to knitting, craft or literature casts, but Brass Needles bridges the gap in craft and si-fi for me... LOL
Lately it's alot of talk about Star Trek DS9...... but it's intresting.

Episode 34 mentioned a podcast that I had to go check out. Wil Wheatons' Memories of the Futurecast 

So go give it a listen if you, like I, remember Wesley Crusher fondly. This is a podcast with excerpts from his book Memories of the future... check out his synopsis, it's much more direct than I could be here.

I really like this podcast, but I have to say that finding Radio Free Burrito was the best score. Check that out too......

Next post.... the geeky knitting I can't wait to show off! I have to get farther into the project so you can see the true glorious geek of it, but I promise pics! See you soon...... go geek out!


Aesderina said...

I listened to playing for keeps again.. it made me sad, and really dislike earth, etc etc.. lol

I've just started with Earthcore by Scott Sigler
It's SO good! You would LOVE it.

I haven't gotten into the "talking" podcast yet... maybe I will one day

Violiknit said...

I can't wait to see your upcoming knits! and FYI, I'm totally hooked on Dr.Who...