Sunday, February 01, 2009


Alright, so I have completed four projects this month and completly knit 9 balls of yarn.

Meet my new yarn bank!
Not bad!
Here is the first Log-cabin styled blanket. Plain cotton, white alternated with a purple/green verrigated. Simon felt like being helpful and testing it out....

I did have to buy another jumbo ball of cotton to complete this project, but as it is a new purchase it is not included in the totals. I went ahead and cast on another cotton based blanket and have almost use up the whole new jumbo ball of white. LOL may be I will count it after all.....

I have also completed the Confection Blanket that was hanging outhere for a long time... I would have to check on ravelry to see when it was started, but honestly it was ages ago. Probably 6 months. Done now, and waiting for a new home with one of the pregnant ladies I know.

Hmmm... let me see, I completed the Twlilight mitts as you know and have seen.... and the fourth is escaping me at the moment..... I think the mitts I made for my mother were done this month too. Dang, I know I was very happy to have completed four projects.

I have some great plans for this month. I am going to knit two baby sweater patterns. The Baby Suprise Jacket and the Two needle Feburary Sweater, both created by Elizabeth Zimmerman. To search the project lists for these two sweaters is staggering! I think that there are over 2000 Baby Suprise Jackets already knit on Ravelry, and it is in over 3000 queues! There are so many variatons, and intresting yarns, bet that if you have one ball of something worsted at home, you may be able to make the BSJ! LOL I have several balls of wool and other washer-friendly yarns that I am going to try to use and get out of my stash for these two cute projects!

I have taken a few pictures of the gifts from our Christmas swap, but I will share them next time, I feel like I have given you enough bandwith-clogging pics for today! LOL Have a great week!


Cas... said...

Your projects look great.

I really like your yarn bank! He's super cute! LOL!

Simon is so cute. What's with cats and yarn projects?

Keep up the good work!

Jessi said...

The yarn bank is such a great idea! I've been trying to clear out my stash too & that would be a great incentive :)

erika said...

I love love love the bank! Just looking at him makes me smile!!!

The blankets are great. I am about to start a similar (but more patchwork-y) one myself. These are inspiring, especially because blankets seem so huge and daunting!