Monday, February 16, 2009

Sadly... not as much progress as I would like.

I planned on swatching for a Central Park Hoodie.
I planned on having another BSJ done.
I planned on being ready to put the decoration on the Barnyard Dance blanket.
I planned on reading or listening to a book.
I planned on getting some more of the Sea Shawl done.

Sadly none of this happened. I think I was over Zealous, and since I decide that this weekend I really did want to eat and sleep, and I had chores to get done.....I was less astoundingly productive than I wanted.
Progress was made however on the Barnyard Dance.....
I started two BSJ (I am unsure if the yardage on one wil be sufficent so I am hedging my bets and have a second one just barely begun.)
I have to Sew up Jelly Bean, but it is done and I will share photos shortly... I just sooo want to share the fantastic and amazing construction wilth the girls at knitting on Wendesday. I MUST show it off... that EZ she was a genius!
I highly reccomend it.
Pictures in a bit...... have a good Monday!

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