Saturday, April 11, 2009

MY Goodness, hello!

Simon, the climbing cat.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting. I am sorry that I have been a bit lax in my posting..

I am up to 21 balls of yarn used and um..... 16 projects complete I think... not bad for the year.
I have no pics of my project spectrum project yet... because I have very little to show... this month I hope to change that!

I have an update on my Central Park Hoodie knitting... I have the back done and I am almost complete the left front.... so I have begun the ribbing on the right front. This seems to be a quick knit. If I plan this right I can be on to the sleeves by next week.

Another Baby Surprise Jacket done, for my new neice! Hello Arabella! I already knit one for her, but it is sooooo huge, I will give it to my sister and she can pull it out this fall when it MAY fit her!
So I whipped up this one out of Bernat Jaquard in SpearamintCandy... super cute no?

This one was knit on 3.25mm needles, so I could make a more reasonable size... compare to the last one knit on 4mm.!!!

So I am working on the CPH and one a few other things for babies, a blanket for Arabella too... that I have no pic of but I hope that I can get one up with her in it soon...

There are more babies in the family... two new cousins born in the last week! they are in New York, so I will have to round up a gift bundle up for both boys. Pics of those goodies as I complete them, if the BSJ thing is any indication, all the ones I have knit up to now, are huge in baby standards. I will send one out, but I will also knit up a smaller one! LOL
Have a good Easter Weekend everyone, knit well


erika said...

Ooh - all those Baby Surprises! I just got some yarn to make one for a friend's baby - how do you know where to put the stripes in?

Cas... said...

Cute photo of kitty! I can see my Edgar doing the same.

I like your baby cardigans. They are so cute.

Good Luck on the central park hoodie!

Toni said...

Oh, I love the new BSJ! That is SO cute!

Jan said...

Wow have you been busy. Puts me to shame. They are really cute!