Saturday, October 06, 2012

Been busy!

Hey gang.
I have been busy, but sadly absent from this blog community.
Sorry about that... I just always sit at the computer and get sucked into other kinds of stuff (like pintrest........ don't judge me)

Let's see what I have to report.
I spent an afternoon a few weeks ago getting a pile of baby burp cloths ready for sewing. Turns out that we have to prep for a new family member from both sides, as well as several family friends....

so I got prepared. They are cut, paired and ready to sew up. Now all I have to do is get my kitchen table cleared off! 

I picked up a new, larger cutting mat with one of the famous 40% off coupons from a well known big box and it worked out really well. as you can see from the variety of fabrics, I have anticipated both genders. In some cases families find out the sex and in others.... we wait.

In addition I was dealing with the last of the summer berries.

I picked enough blackberries just down the street from our home, to fill two large freezer bags. It really is nice to live so near farmland. 

There were other things going on during weekends of course...... the Yarn Harvest was two weeks ago and I really should show you what I picked up as my gals and I toured the local yarn shops...... yes, must get that stuff photographed!

Husband and I are trying to get a creative studio set up in our second bedroom, and we have been pulling out the carpet to allow us to be a bit dirty back there. I have been consolidating my fabric, yarn ans craft projects as much as I can so they are reasonably easy to move around and store if we need to put them in the attic or under the stairs while we move things. It will be great, I can get my pottery wheel up and we can organize the leather working area too. 

Did I mention pintrest? Yes...... I may not be on social media. But pintrest grabbed me. Dang it...... so much to see. Drop me a line if you want to link up..... I'd love to see your boards. Okay, I have stuff going on behind me so I will end here and drop in for another post later. :) Happy crafting!

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