Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Yarn Harvest goodies

So, Yarn Harvest was really fun, and super tiring!

We had a long day and I had put some money aside so I could splurge a bit. 

Here are the lovely yarns that followed me home!

Details? Why certainly, I would never deny you! From the left, a natural skein of Jamiseon Shetland, because I found the Sheep Carousel pattern on a table at Black Sheep and HAD to make one. I have other Shetland here so I only needed the lighter shade to make the fun teacozy, and I may have to make two! Love the pattern, and check the link... it goes to the designers site and not to Ravelry (not that there is anything wrong with this  Ravelry link, but some people are not on the bandwagon yet so I want to share the joy with everyone)

Next, moving right a beautiful skein of Sweet Georgia Tough love sock in the colourway Boheme....... yummy isn't it? Here is a close up.

Because you wanted that, right? The cool thing about buying Sweet Georgia yarns during Yarn Harvest is you get to visit her in her studio! Smell the wool and see the racks of drying fiber and fleece. A great experience, especially when the lovely Felica is herself in attendance. Thanks Felicia for your creative beauty. 
I didn't just buy one skein at her studio though, I bought two. The beautiful purple on the far right is the colourway Amethyst. It really looks gorgeous. (they all look gorgeous)

A closer look.....

Finally I picked up a skein from a indie dyer I had never encountered before indigodragonfly. This skein is called "Paging Dr. Smart-ass" LOL

She has some great names for her colourways. You can find her at
That's it, except for some hand lotion and some new sock needles to replace a broken pair.......oh, there was one other thing.

I won a prize!
From the new shop Wet Coast Wools in Vancouver..... it's a slipper kit that is a thrummed slipper! This is a technique that I have never attempted, so I am excited to try it out. Progress shots are a promise. All this beautiful wool and I have no plans yet... LOL isn't that always the way?


ellen said...

Thank you so very much for the visit. I truly appreciate it so much.
Oh, I wish that I was as good a knitter as you are.
Yes, darn is raining hear..but that is what is does.
Sending good wishes to you and thanks, E.

Mereknits said...

Hooray for you and all your beautiful yarn. You make me feel like jumping in the car to go buy some yarn.