Friday, October 12, 2012

Update on the Lip Balm.....

So far.... it's been great. I handed some out to friends and family (because seriously... a dozen!) and have mentioned that I want opinions. 
One pal has said it seemed a bit hard to her (less beeswax, or more honey would make it softer apparently)
I have mine in my pocket and I am super happy with it. It isn't super sweet, and there is almost no fragrance.
It keeps my lips soft for ages!
If you have considered it, I recommend it. The recipe is linked in the original post, and does not call for mango butter. That was a personal addition based on the properties of the butter itself and the fact that I had easy access to it.
The spearmint is a hit too.
Hopefully I will get some constructive feedback. Personally, more honey may be something I will test.
Thanks for listening...... and thanks to everyone who has visited from other blogs and left comments. That makes my day!


Anna Maliszewski said...

I made one batch of lip balm in the past using beeswax. I think I needed more Vaseline to make it smoother. It was fun. I still have the leftover lip balm containers. I was going through that craft bin a couple of weeks ago and was thinking about doing it again.

Ilix said...

Oh, I didn't use Vaseline..... beeswax coconut oil and honey.