Sunday, October 07, 2012

New Obsession

Seriously, Pintrest is a bad thing...... I think.

So many inspiring things, I can hop from person to crafty person and enjoy all the DIY available. There is much "Wow, I can do that?" or "Do we have any tiles I can paint?" and sometimes"My sister and I are working on cracking marbles after heating them in the oven today"

Good times.

One of the first things I found that I decided I must try was Lip Balm thanks to Sarah at the blog Frugal By Choice. It looked so easy...... and yummy........ so I wanted to make it happen for me!

So I did.

A little local Beeswax from my favorite honey farm, Campbell's Gold, a stop to our local soap makers supply and I was good to go! Honey lip balm from my stove! It's still cooling on my counter right now. I think I may have added too much coconut oil.... or mango butter because it seems quite soft. However, this was my first test! Now to hand it out and get some feedback from friends and loved ones.

Super simple, and I still have a TON of my ingredients left!

I grated the beeswax from the block, and heated it in a hot water bath in a thrift store measuring cup.

Once it had melted I added coconut oil (which I buy in solid form) and some mango butter. My measuring was less than accurate in this area which is why I think it may have been a bit overboard.

Let those melt in and then added two tablespoons of honey (as I didn't want the solid to be too soft)

Prepared the containers (the egg carton trick was from another blog that mentioned lip balm..... smart!)

Then I poured the mix in...... added some spearmint to two of the tubes. I marked those, you can see it in the top photo. All done! The hardest thing was grating the beeswax, but I think it was worth it. I hope they turn out well, I want to move on to lotion bars next! 

It was seriously fun to try something so new and easy. I just love the fact that it all only filled half of that measuring cup, but I have a dozen new lip balms! LOL

Well, I guess the fact that I have plans for more just makes it obvious that I had fun. Have you been up to anything new lately?


Mereknits said...

I think it is fantastic you made your own lip balm, since I am a lip balm-a-holic i think I may need to give this a try. I am also addicted to Pinterest, oh so many ideas, and so little time.
hugs to you,

The Coffee Lady said...

what a great idea! I have a whole load of beeswax - maybe I'll give this a try.

Ilix said...

I totally recommend it!

harmony and rosie said...

I've been meaning to make some lip balm for a while, I must search out some of those lovely tubes to use. I agree with you about Pinterest .. brilliant for sourcing anything but definitely fatal!
Thanks so much for popping by the other day
Kate x