Sunday, June 03, 2012

Shawls and neck things

Seriously....... a friend of mine wanted to see them all in one shot....

So here they are, with my dog!
I may do a "one a week" profile thing, but I have posted about each of them on this blog. I know it. LOL
I may do it anyway. I was playing with my stash the other weekend, trying to get things in some kind of order. I am pretty sure it didn't work. More photos on that to follow.

Mostly I am out of the shawl making stage, as a frenzied, must make kind of way. I still have one on the needles and I have a second planned, but it's not all consuming. The hardest part is wearing them all..... not all at once, that would be crazy. (but the picture may be funny)

Here is the first one in the triangular shawl as scarf knitting if my memory serves the Multnoma.

Really enjoyed knitting it, in fact this collection has more that one Multnoma in it. Three I think, two were also knitted as gifts, it's so easy and relaxing to knit up. In addition it makes variegated yarn look lovely!

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Jill said...

Don't they look wonderful though - all those colours together. x