Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Bonus points for the studio audience that just thought of Mario Kart. 
There has indeed been completion of projects! Woo!

James' Blanket
All done. Bulky, squishy and fluffy after the washing. Sam and Simon adore it.... but you can have it when you want it James!

Red Blanket
 A blanket that I knit up to add to my box of gifts. I picked up a bunch of this Lion B Homespun from a local big box for a great price on boxing day. Two make a baby gift and having some for when I need one quick is great. You can see from the texture that its a box style pattern. Easy to kit and relaxing.

I did finish two other projects, but I don't have good photos of them, and I think both look more effective being modeled. So more information on the Oatmeal Playmate and the Sock yarn hat later. Hopefully in the next week, I am super close to being finished my Cassandra shawlette as well. So this update is the blanket edition of the blog lol. Less Works in progress for me!

Happy knitting and crafting this week!

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