Monday, June 04, 2012

The Questionables

We all have them, projects that have gone awry.
Sweaters that linger at the end of the bed waiting for a bit of completion, that zipper or finishing button.
I am not immune, I know I am not alone. So when is enough enough?
When do you decide that the yarn is better served in another project?
I have a few confusing projects at the moment. A few however are straight forward finishes.
These two need to be finished with zippers. 

Yup, just zippers, thankfully.... but also I am not great at zippers, the last one I tried did not work out so well. So I think I have to take some time to check out a tutorial and then get the zipper in. So that is the stall. Time to watch a video on zippers. lol

This sweater is too short to wear much, but I do like it enough to wear it.

So I have to undo the base and knit it longer. I have yarn, but I don't really have much info on it, I don't know the needle size as it pre-dates Ravelry. IS that possible? Yes, yes it is. So not only do I have to take out the base edge I have to try needles out to see what works..... another road block but not insurmountable.

Frogging! for sure!
No discussion needed..... it's a goner.

This little number is a bit of a issue for me. I like the pattern and I have some to finish, but more than I though. So frog or finish the knitting and put it together.....

I waffle a bit on this one because it should be a very useable sweater when all is said and done. It currently lives in my working basket, so I can move on to it once my current project is complete, but I seem to keep avoiding it. So I will have to keep considering the pros and cons. It's no so far from being done that it will be a terrible slog, but I still have two front pieces to make. This is why I usually knit in the round.... less procrastination about completing pieces.

This blue number is a good sweater, but I never wear it. It's a sad combination of being too bulky for me and a mis-matching of pattern/yarn. Lionbrand Homespun was not made to be a sweater for my chubby little body! So as a result I think a frogging or give away is in order.... can't decide.
This next one is my Central Park Hoodie, I used it alot... but mostly under a vest. It's warm and lovely, but not long enough...... so I'd have to make it longer or totally re-knit it. depending on the construction. I am unsure whether I knit it in one piece or in pieces.

The good thing is I have more yarn and I have the details on Ravelry, so I can find a solution readily enough. This one was a great knit and if I did have a piecing issue I could totally see myself making another. No sweat, I like the sweater and I want to wear it more, but fit issues are a problem. So this one will also have some specific consideration go into it.

Following that we have a recently completed object. The Oatmeal Playmate.

Another problem sweater. A great knit, a nice fit....... but see how the collar pulls up in front? Yea, re-knit that in five different variations to get a good fit...... this was the last. None worked for me. So good house sweater? Or just wait a few months for my hatred to subside and try another method?  So many choices. My last sweater object for this post is a red wool sweater that is mt first personal steeking project.


I am glad I knit it and I have a problem that was out of my control. My animal was sick on the arm..... and I couldn't salvage the yarn. So the trouble here is that I don't have the same amount of wool needed to finish the arms, (no ordering more, it was discontinued a few years ago) however the baggie you see sitting on the side is remarkably similar. if not the same red. So it may work. I only cut the steek on the sleeve I was working on so that if I decided to frog I wouldn't loose the whole sweater. This one is less of a question for me. After having the yarns out in the lovely sunlight it was hard to tell them apart, which gives me a good feeling about substituting the Cascade in.

Wow, this was a long post with my sweater issues. Hope I didn't bore you and as I find my solutions I will update. My plan is to have them sorted by the end of the summer, when I will start needing sweaters again!
Comments are always welcome, suggestions too. Thanks for visiting! Hope your knitting is going well.

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