Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday trials

Today was an experiment day!

Our experiment was Tie Dye! Fun was had and learning happened!

I haven't tie dyed in ages, and I will be showing a few friends this week so I wanted to remind myself that it really was as easy as I recalled. It was! 

We set up.......

We decorated...
Several different items....

We marveled at the result!

Yay tie dye! Honestly Jen and I had fun and we are planning another dye day. Which could include more tie dye, as well as some general yarn dying too. If you haven't tried it, you should!!! There are tons of tutorials on the internet, as well included in some kits that you can buy. I know that my local art supply store Opus has a great couple of kits from a really good dye brand. If you don't have a boss shop line Opus around............ uummmmm   some of the big box stores also sell the brand Tulip kits. (honestly we went cheap and old school.... Tintex and Dyelon using a soda ash bath first) I honestly bought all the dye before I went to Opus for squeeze bottles..... ooopy. LOL  There may be more dye photos later this week as I am, as I mentioned teaching a group of ladies to do this Tuesday. Hope your weekend was sunny and bright!

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