Friday, February 03, 2012

A little painting practice

Saturday morning was a calm one, we were drinking coffee and keeping the dog supervised. My Husband was playing the popular game Skyrim and I didn't want to get tied to the computer....... so I opened the package of gauache paints I bought in early January, grabbed some blank card stock, brushes and got to experimenting! You can see my notes on the types of markers that I tested over the paints too.
I have some things that I wanted to use these paints on, projects for friends and secret things. It has been a while since I used any type of paint however and I felt that a testing was in order.

It was fun, I really learned a few things, and remembered a few things. I do like these paints. It also makes me want to do a few more experiments with paints. Watercolours maybe, I have very limited experience with those. But I am more of a try and learn as I go gal than anything else. So, more paint projects soon.

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