Saturday, February 25, 2012

Small projects are the way to go!

Except when you have a HUGE knitted afghan that you are working on that is slowly eating the couch, and needs to be completed.

Here it is as modeled by the lovely and talented Sam.

Have I mentioned it's bulky acrylic and for a friend..... who is much taller than I.  Sam is also not used to being covered unless we are playing with towels. LOL Yes his foot is bandaged, there was an accident on a 4x4 trail that is easily summed up in "Please don't smash glass bottles near places where people take their shoes off often, it makes you a As#$%^e"

Moving on....This blanket, and most blanket in my previous experience are easy to work on and have little complications. Thanks goodness! I have to admit that it's really satisfying to have something just just forward so well. Have to admit also that I am brainstorming a way or two to make a new blanket for us once this one is over, perhaps a  with wool..................... Yes I like that idea.......
Anyone have wool worsted weight scraps that they would care to get rid of? By scraps I mean not enough for a project, but not two feet either. LOL. That would make a veery interesting project. Yay scrapghans!

All the other objects that I am currently working on are small (we are not going to discuss the WIP sweaters that are taking over the end of the bed..... they have issues and will be given the proper therapy in the future.) 

Socks.... and experiment for the Husband.

He doesn't want me to knit him socks, because he claims to wear through them quickly... but understands the charms of good socks. So I'm using a sock yarn I have no desire to knit for myself and giving it a go. So far they fit and I need to give this one more length in the cuff. Constructed in my typical toe-up with a short row heel style. Notes are being taken on length and stitch count.

A gift of fingerless gloves. This is the second pair of  Porphyria that I have made in the last two months. These are made of some leftover sock yarn that was picked out by the recipient.
Personal thoughts on the pattern... it's great to work with. One page, but it has enough information to be clear and easy to use. No crazy lingo or new techniques, but that wasn't what I was looking for. It's straightforward and give a nice result in solid or variegated wools. I have even bought a striping wool that I want to use on the next pair. So I recommend it, especially if you want to make a quick gift for a lady in your life. Oh a note for you... there is a twist that makes a fake cable and I tried to knit through the back loops to make it easier..... don't do that. Knit into the front both times. 
This pair needs thumb, but that's it, I decided to knit the gloves first and do the thumbs one after the other so they match better. 
More to come... hopefully this weekend will give me a few new projects to post and let you know how I completed them. Have a great Weekend!

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