Friday, February 10, 2012


I decided to use up some stash yarn that I have and love....  a Fleece Artist  called Nyoni in a blue grey blend. It's a wool/silk blend and I was super stoked to get a project started with it.
So I was testing out a few patterns, and I have to say that I was surprised by some results I got.
The patterns I used didn't look right, so......... I realised that it's not the patterns, it's the yarn. LOL

So I decided to pull out another yarn that I have been wanting to use, a Malibrigo Lace in Purple Mystery. The pattern you are seeing in the pictures is called Cassandra and the link to the Ravelry information. Sorry that's the only link that I could find for her, so I will do what I can to be informative. It's going to be a nice little shawl I think, the lace is coming along quickly, and the chart works well.

So a side by side. So, note to self.......... it's not me; it's the yarn. Maybe it would be a nice hat or a good pair of gloves. I'll find something good to do with  it.

I do love the colour of each... but the Purple is no much more suited for this type of project as you can see. I showed it off at Guild meeting the other night as well. Just had to talk about my personal "discovery" LOL as if it was the first time this happened. So you have any comparisons of your own? Enjoy, comment.

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Jane Richmond said...

I discovered the same thing with a Silk/Wool blend! This yarn was so particular in fact that it took me a handful of years finish the design I made with it...

Glad to see you are feeling inspired again Hols!