Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The First month is done!

Today I was home with my puppy...... well he's three. Not really a puppy anymore. He has pink eye and as much as that is trivial in a human..... stopping a dog from scratching his eye without putting him in a cone of shame all day is hard. Why not put him in the cone? He doesn't move. No walking, no drinking, no lying down, no treat eating,  none of the above. Just forlorn looks, rigid posture and after he realizes that you intend for him to wear it a while, incessant whining. Keeps us from using it overnight, let alone all day while we are at work. Too much stress for him and me! 

So I was home from work medicating his eye and supervising so he doesn't make the bleeding or current scratches worse. Needless to day it's not a day to be getting into anything that you can't put down. So I did TONS of laundry, changed bed sheets, got dishes done and out of the way; you know that productive household stuff that can get put off on the weekend. I also decided to make my dog a durable (in my estimation) kennel mat.

I used some old jeans that my hubby wore through and a duvet cover I never use because I detest it.

Measured the kennel. Brand noted, I have no way to erase it, sorry. You can see that the towel inside is in need of replacing.......

Next I cut the flannel duvet cover and pieces of the jeans to dimensions that would work. Of course the jeans have to be a patchwork idea, no part of my husband is big enough to cover 21x30" lol.

I did not take any photos of the sewing as I do not have a tidy sewing space, I will work on that. The marks you can see indicate the side that is to be sewn first. It didn't take very long, a fresh needle in the machine and things happened fast.

I have not quilted it... I want to make sure that it will outlast some dog wear and tear before I make him something with alot of work in it. Hopefully I will have a positive report when his eye is better and we can leave him alone again.......... gotta buy dog food somehow!
Hope you like, comments or lurking always welcome!

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Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

I hope your poor dog get better soon!