Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can you tell that I am feeling refreshed and creative? I am honestly very happy painting, sketching, writing, knitting, working with pencils, beads, fabric whatever I can get my hands on! I am embracing my inspirations, letting myself make things that I may not have before and moving with the feelings that my art is giving me. I missed this, the rush of the possibilities.
I was very disappointed in my dry spell some months ago, what creative soul wouldn’t be? I barely touched my knitting, Ravelry, this blog, or any of my other crafting supplies. What changed? I can’t really say. What brought it back? Patience and embracing rest. I made a small effort to push myself and was NOT rewarded for my efforts so I decided that frustration was something I didn’t want hanging around and went with the flow. Reading, music and some video games made an appearance. Along with that I made an effort to be good to myself and relax as much as my body said I needed. No I am not pregnant! LOL
I organized a bit and worked as things caught my attention……

An Ornament Wreath I have been planning for years.
Now I’m back to the familiar feeling of “so much to do, so little time” So it seems like a bit of determined organization is in order so that I can lay out all the goodies at my disposal and see what I have been hiding from myself. More on that as it progresses though, I have no storage plans or even organizational ones, and just think I have too much stuff that is left out of the loop of possibilities because I have forgotten that I own it!
The year of owning my things and embracing them! LOL

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Toni said...

LOVE the wreath!!!! That is so clever! It will look fabulous where ever you hang it, I'm sure!