Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wonder of wonders......

Here is my progress on my Wicked: almost done the shaping. I have extended it a bit as I have heard that many people wish it was longer, and it does look short on them. So I decided to be proactive but I only added about an inch so far.... we shall see! I love this! It knits up so great.... and the yarn is great to work with! I have also heard a rumor that WOTA from knitpicks is scratchy, I hope not. It has been great to work with so far! I guess I will have to finish this one before I can order more in other colours! To be on the safe side! :)

So I also have news about my pinup girl swap! I got my box!!! Look at all the goodies! ( BTW that little pink knitting up ther with wicked...... was for my partner Chimerix for this swap. I can't tell you what it was.... it may spoil the suprise! Ihope she likes it!

We agreed to spoil each other! She kept her end of the bargian, and I have to say that I feel no anxiety at this stage about my end either! I got tons of goodies! She is a seamstress so she made me things that I would never have made for myself! She doesn't knit..... so I did the same!

Comment always welcome! I love hearing from you guys! Take care and have a great last two weekdays! Friday night I am off to the Relay for life!!! YAY GO BEACHBABES GO



~*~Anna~*~ said...

I love how your "wicked" is green. lol. That fits the title-mood just perfectly.

Spoiling-swaps... that's the way to go! Mucha mucha goodies!

I can't wait to see what you whip up for her.

Jan said...

Can't wait to see your Wicked done. I am curious about the knitpics yarn too. It sure is a pretty color! Love your swap logic!