Friday, June 08, 2007

Relay tonight!

Sooooo tonight we relay!!!
So I am shamelessly pointing you toward the button on the sidebar for tonight to get a few more donations...... that would be great!. As you can see I was busy last night with a bit of creative teamspirit building!! LOL

I only painted 5 so I am not totally crazy. As you can see on the site, last year our outfits were a bit boring! So here we go with some spice! LOL

Since it is a relay, I won't be going around the track the whole time... so I am planning on getting some knitting in. I don't think that I will be bringing Wicked though, it may rain tonight and that would not be the best idea. So I am bringin baby blanket knitting and soem stashbusting stuff too! Yay!!

Oh and I got a new friend in the mail from bhean!!! Isn't she cute!! Thanks bhean!!! I think she is great! Have a great weekend everyone! More to come from me!

1 comment:

~*~Anna~*~ said...

Good luck on the relay! Long live endurance!!

Wow girl, you are doing so many swaps!! How do you find the time to knit for all these swaps & knit for yourself (not including non-knitting daily things)??
Looks like you got yourself another cool knit plushis! :)