Saturday, June 16, 2007

Get to it!

So this weekend I am REALLY, PLANNING on having some fantastic crafting and knitting goodies to show off!
Not hoping.....................planning.
There is a difference! I know this and I have PLANS!!! LOL
I have quite a few thing to get making, a fishing rod to buy, a present to organize and, knitting to do so I better get going!
Update tomorrow! Happy weekend crafting gang! Can't wait to see what you are up to!


Squeaky said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm working on getting the Minty Shawl shipped from Pennsylvania at the moment (where it was left before my bus trip of DOOM). Once it gets here, and once I find my darn camera, it will be posted.

And plans for crafting never work out for me. I always find something cooler (craft-wise) to do than what I had planned.

~*~Anna~*~ said...

Your blog says your into pottery...
I was going through my buried boxes of stuff in the basement a few days ago (to look for garage sale stuff) and I was excited to find: 1. my ceramic whistle that we had to make in ceramic I class. It still whistle perfectly! I was so thrilled! and 2. My tools to work with clay! I have no idea what I would use them for, since I dont have access to a kiln... ha ha, but it definately brings back memories of H.S.
It was so fun working with clay. I wish I could do it again. :) Maybe i'll show my whistle on my blog sometime. Oh, and my teapot that we had do to the scrataggo(I definately spelled that one wrong)technique, scratching the clay. Fun-ness.