Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This isn't going to be fun.

So I have arm pain...... yes ladies and gents, I am not knitting right now.
I have gone to the clinic, and the nice doctor didn't think that it was knitting related, but I am taking no chances. I like my hobbies too much to risk wrecking my wrists.
So I have decided to knit nothing for the next few days.
I tried...... there is owie.

LOL, goofyness aside I was going to cast on the blue bamboo this week as my swatch was done, measured, washed and measured again. I know what I need to know! I am ready..... except casting on is also owie.

Same goes for the fiber trends clog slippers.

To top it off I finished one Springtime sock..... and the stitch pattern that I have chosen mad it WAAAAAY to tight on my foot. Frog pond my friends.... I will rip it and pick another stittch pattern........

Le sigh. Hope you are having better times with your knitting this week. I will report back soon.


Ragnar said...

I had mysterious wrist pain when I tried to knit while nursing when I first had my leetle ankle biter. I held off for a couple of weeks, pain went away and I'm all the better for it.

Sucks though, when that yarn is just sitting their mocking you.

Ilix said...

It does mock me......
I am not a sitter, I like to do stuff.

erika said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Maybe try a hot water bottle or one of those herb-filled pillows that you can warm?

Penny said...

Ouch! Take care, I'm sending wishes for a speedy recovery your way. I'm like you, I always have to be working on something, so I can imagine your frustration.

Steph-bunny said...

Wow, I think I must be a sucker for punishment. My right AND left wrists hurt all the time, I just take some Advil >___> Maybe I should not knit/crochet/computer-time with you. It would probably improve my wrists 10-fold.

And it would be a nice break -- I think I'd have to stop drawing too, though....I dunno if I could do that. #__#;;

Aimes said...

oh hols!!!! that's horrible.. very horrible.. maybe this is a sign i better start on my swatch for my lelah top so we can "spring top knitalong" .. hey.. we should put that on craftsters.. get others insterested..yes.. hehe

Well i do hope you're wriast feels better soon!!!